Estelle Doudet

Alumna of the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris, I graduated at the Sorbonne as doctor (2002) and habilitée à diriger les recherches (2013) in Late Medieval and Early Modern French Literature. I have been research fellow at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (2003-2004), Associate Professor at the University of Lille (2004-2014) and Full Professor at the Universities of Grenoble Alpes (2014) and of Lausanne (2018). Member of the Institut universitaire de France since 2015, I am currently holding in Lausanne the Chair in c14-16 French Literature, which is unique in Switzerland and France.

My research explores how new forms of communication and new visions of present times emerged and shaped c14-16 European public sphere and media culture, focusing on French-speaking areas in strong connection with Italian-speaking, German-speaking, English-speaking, and Dutch-speaking regions.

My main fields of expertise are topical poetry and chronicles dedicated to present times in c15-16 French and Burgundian courts (Poétique de George Chastelain, 2005); c14-17 urban performing arts, especially theaters of persuasion and allegorical drama (Le théâtre allégorique en français, 2018); and the ideas and practices of modern eloquence in troubled times between the Hundred Years’ War and the Wars of religion (IUF project The Age of Orators, 2015-2018; FNS project Medialiterature).

I have launched new methods of investigation, such as Media Archaeology for French Medievalists (Écologie de l’attention et Archéologie des media, 2018) and performance-based research training with Virtual Reality (ARCHAS, 2020).

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