Benedetta Salvati

My passion for Medieval French Literature stems from my undergraduate studies in Modern Literature at the University of Venice (Ca’ Foscari). 

After taking my undergraduate degree in 2018 in Romance Philology, with a Comparative stylistics’ dissertation, mainly focused on the Devisement dou Monde by Marco Polo (1298) and on Le città invisibili by Italo Calvino (1972), I remained at Ca’ Foscari for my master’s degree program in Italian Literature and Romance Philology. 

During my master’s studies I had the great opportunity to enhance my knowledge in the field of Linguistics, Philology, and both classical and romance Literature. 

Driven by a strong interest in tools and methods of Textual criticism, I dedicated my master’s dissertation to the study of the textual transmission of Cligès, the second romance of the medieval French poet Chrétien de Troyes, which led to a new text reconstruction hypothesis. 

Following the completion of my master’s degree in Romance Philology in 2020, I had the chance to join the Médialittérature research team led by Prof. Estelle Doudet as a Ph.D. student. I am in charge of the Scholarly Digital Edition and the complementary study of the long version of the Chronique (1488-1546) by Nicaise Ladam (1465-1547), poet and roi d’armes of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. 

My research interest lies primarily in Romance Philology and Textual Criticism, with a particular focus on methodological reflections and theories of editorial practices, Rhetoric, Linguistics and Stylistics. 

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